Friday, December 11, 2009


SCHOOL IS FINALLY OUT! THANK GOD I MADE IT THRU A GRUELING SEMESTER! I took my last final yesterday! I can officially began my 5-week marathon wedding planning. Two days ago we hit the 10 month mark. Time flies by! So we have to decide on a DJ and hire a baker!
I got some pics from our new house that I will share them later and we made an appt for a pre-marital counseling for the first of the year. I am sick right now so I am stuck in the house but it gives me some much needed rest and I can catch up on my blogs!

I feel so out of the loop with the wedding planning. I have been so busy with school now I don't know where to pick-up. Some of the girls and I are going dress shopping for them during the break so that should be fun! We are scheduled to take the 2nd set of ePics @ the top of the year and I plan to have the STD's out by Feb. So that's about it from the wedding standpoint.

Our mini house renovations are coming along. We just got our living room floors finished and it looks pretty good if I must say so myself. If I must offer one bit of advice to other brides or brides-to -be don't buy an house and plan a wedding at the same time. In my mind it seemed like a good idea but in reality the house stuff is more important to me than the wedding so I am so much more focused on creating this house into a home than I am planning the wedding. I know that's seems crazy but it's true! anyway I'm going to read other blogs now!

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