Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding woes

Thus far wedding planning has been fun and a beautiful experience. We have had some minor problems here and there but nothing serious. Now I am starting to get agitated with planning. Some people have really got on my last nerve and you try not to be a "bridezilla" but come on. Enough is a enough. You try to make things simple for people but they don;t even appreciate it. I mean SERIOUSLY. Just needed to vent a little

Anyway on a brighter note, I have some checks....
  • BMs shoes are picked out and purchased
  • Mother of the bride dress is picked out
  • Most of the BMs have been fitted for the dresses
  • ManOH is doing DIY aisle runner the tiles didn't work out
  • Completing BMs hand fans tonite
  • Feather balls are completed
  • Cookie sleeves purchased
  • Flower Girls dresses will be ordered tomorrow

That's all for now. I will be up tonite working on a few more DIY projects. Its almost done!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Working overtime

I have these completion dates in place for all things wedding.

  1. all DIY projects are to be completed by July 31
  2. all wedding vendors are to be paid off by August 31

Thus far we are on track. This past weekend I completed/printed the (camera is dead I will post pics later)

  • sign for the siggy drink
  • sign for the cookie bar
  • made cookie labels
  • brought cookie bags
  • brought the rest of the feathers for the centerpcs
  • finalized the tablescape including floral arrangements and linens
  • signs for bathroom baskets
  • sign for dancing shoes
  • made memory candle
  • almost finished aisle tiles - I'm not too happy with them I may break down and do a personalized runner
  • finished all the table numbers-just need to print them tomorrow at Ritz
  • almost finished formating the inside of the programs
  • organized my family portion of the guest list
  • brought door letters
  • completed the personalized water bottles for the OOT boxes
  • started on the design for the OOT welcome letter
  • made labels for invites
  • that's all folks!

I am feel good about what we have accomplished thus far. Today we have a walk through at the venue with our planner and we are meeting with a lighting company. I have a meeting with the new florist that I have been working with as well. I am going to officially book her today and I am so excited to have that off the list.

This week our goals are

  1. Book the new DJ
  2. Order cocktail napkins -Etsy
  3. Pay the Vid
  4. Passports

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party's Over

We finally had our housewarming party yesterday and everything went great. Its always good to be around fam and friends. I love the positive energy and the love. Surprisingly I didn't take any pics because I was so busy hosting my guests. I enjoyed everyone presence but I am glad it is over. I stayed up later cooking and cleaning the nite before so I was exhausted. It feels good to know that is our home together. Even though we have been living here for almost 9mths now it seems like it was just yesterday we moved. It finally feels like home.

We are now approaching the end of wedding planning and I am feeling ok right now. I don't want to be stressed out. Today I completed the DIY drink stirrers pics later feeling a little tired. I am going to complete the table numbers so that I can have them printed on Tues at the latest Weds. I plan to print the labels for the water bottles for the OOT boxes. I completed the labels for the OOT boxes pics to come later. The feathers arrived for the centerpieces. I have a meeting with the florist tomorrow to go over some details. I plan to order the trivia cocktail napkins this week. I have to make 4 more BP tshirts and that will be completed. I have to make a decision about aisle tiles or runner. Look for bridal earrings and BM shoes. That's all for now folks.

Friday, July 09, 2010

double digits

I can't believe that in

days I will be a wife. It sounds so weird to say. I always wanted to get married but I always saw it as something so far away and now it right around the corner. I am so excited. I look forward to our lives together. I look forward to becoming a mother is the near distant future. :) All this planning is making me wacky. I browsed over my DIY list and its actually pretty manageable. We are almost finished paying off this wedding and I hope to have it paid in it's entirety by the end of August. My goal is to have all DIY projects completed by the time school starts. I pretty sure we can accomplish these goals by God's grace and mercy. I am so appreciative for all that we have experienced though out this process. This time last year we were trying to buy our home. Now we are in and almost settled have a housewarming party tomorrow for our friends and families to come together before all the wedding events begin. I just can't believe how far we have come as individuals and as a couple and I am so THANKFUL for it.

MONTH to do list:
  • order gocco cocktail napkins from ESTY
  • have walk thru and tasting @ venue
  • finish aisle tiles
  • finalize guest list and send invites early august
  • finalize ctpcs and linens
  • apply/get passports
  • book new DJ
  • start PMC sessions
  • pick out BM shoes
  • order bridal accessories

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy FOURTH of July!

This weekend I have been a busy bride. I have completed a few items off of DIY to do list and I am SOOOOOO excited about it. Feast your eyes on these.....
  • I completed the 1st 8 table #'s I need more pics from my MIL. She is bringing them this weekend to our housewarming.

  • I also completed the bridal party Tshirts for rehearsal dinner. Here are a few pics.

I LOVE how the came out.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

what's on your tables

Lastnite my ManOH and I stayed up rather late contemplating tablescape designs and I think we finally have a winner. I have been going over this for months and I really am not joking months. As the chair cover lady I felt somewhat pressured that I had to have overlays and runners and this and that, etc... I don't know why I felt that way but I did I felt like it was to be expected that I have something grand...

I want something funky with a pinch of glam. So tomorrow I will go to the warehouse and make a mock setup of our tables. I don't have all the elements but I have the overall picture in my head. I am praying that this image I have will work because it saves us so much $ and I LOVE that.

Pics to come....stay tuned!

DIY mishap....

Like all my fellow DIY brides when I received an email from Michael's for 15% off the ENTIRE purchase coupon(including sale items). I started thinking about what I needed for my DIY projects....Well I have been on a roll this week so I decided to tackle the wedding party T-shirts. As I looked through the sales ad I noted that T-shirts were on sale PERFECT. I already had made a few designs and tonite I did the finishing touches.

I brought 10 plain white T-shirts which were 2-$5.00 and some 150 cupcake liners with my coupon came to a TOTAL of $25.00 and I LOVE IT! I had already purchased the iron-on transfers. The plan is really simple white shirts with black print. KISS!!!!!!!!!!!

After I completed the design I decided to print 1 and give it a shot....well that's when the mishap occured. I decided to do the flower girl first and well I will just say either my iron is too cheap or I didn't apply enough pressure. So tomorrow I will be back at Michael's replacing that shirt and getting the wreaths for the reception doors!!! I think I will leave the pressing up to FI....b/c we can't afford for this to get expensive that will just defeat the purpose of DIY.

I will say that this way beats $10-15 per shirt!!!! Hands down...As you know our wedding party are wearing these T-shirts to rehearsal and RD.

Friday, July 02, 2010

100 DAYS

In 100 days from this time today, I will getting ready be to become a W-I-F-E!!! I can't believe that the wedding is approaching so quickly. I feel good about everything that we have planned thus far. We have a few loose ends to tie up but other than that I really can't complain.

I am so excited and nervous and anxious and happy and...and... and....

I have an array of mixed emotions all at one time......