Monday, July 19, 2010

Working overtime

I have these completion dates in place for all things wedding.

  1. all DIY projects are to be completed by July 31
  2. all wedding vendors are to be paid off by August 31

Thus far we are on track. This past weekend I completed/printed the (camera is dead I will post pics later)

  • sign for the siggy drink
  • sign for the cookie bar
  • made cookie labels
  • brought cookie bags
  • brought the rest of the feathers for the centerpcs
  • finalized the tablescape including floral arrangements and linens
  • signs for bathroom baskets
  • sign for dancing shoes
  • made memory candle
  • almost finished aisle tiles - I'm not too happy with them I may break down and do a personalized runner
  • finished all the table numbers-just need to print them tomorrow at Ritz
  • almost finished formating the inside of the programs
  • organized my family portion of the guest list
  • brought door letters
  • completed the personalized water bottles for the OOT boxes
  • started on the design for the OOT welcome letter
  • made labels for invites
  • that's all folks!

I am feel good about what we have accomplished thus far. Today we have a walk through at the venue with our planner and we are meeting with a lighting company. I have a meeting with the new florist that I have been working with as well. I am going to officially book her today and I am so excited to have that off the list.

This week our goals are

  1. Book the new DJ
  2. Order cocktail napkins -Etsy
  3. Pay the Vid
  4. Passports

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  1. Congrats on your marriage. Just remember to invite God not only at your ceremony but into your marriage.