Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the dreaded "D" word...part deux

as you know if you i am unlike most brides when it comes to the wedding dress. it's time to make some final decisions and i am stumped.

Recap: went dressing shopping couldn't find anything that I LOVED!
Next I decided to design a dress and have it made. I am working on it but I have to have a backup plan just in case that goes astray. I found a dress that would be perfect but it's white and I really don't want white for the ceremony dress. So lastnite I was browsing the web when I should have been studying and I found 2 more potential dresses. So at this point I am debating between 6 dresses. I have 2 options for reception and 4 for ceremony. I have decided that I am willing to order 2 of the ceremony dresses and choose which one works best for me and possibly return the other and not get the dress made...I am so CONFUSED!!!

I think I am going to follow my gut on this one. Order the reception dress that I found and LOVED.

Wedding nightmare

This is how I felt this morning...what way to wake up...

I had very 1st wedding NIGHTMARE! I woke up in a panic! It was awful. A few weeks after we hired our DJ I had a bad dream about him not having the requested music and the such...but that happened to one of the brides that I had a client so the next morning I woke up and called him and he was reassuring and everything but this one I had just now was terrible.The wedding was at some place that I don't even know where it at and the cake lady got lost and came to the bridal suite with the cake asking me where to go and the cupcakes were out on the back of a truck melting. I get on the phone to talk with the owner of the company and she is super nonchalant about the whole thing. The guys are just roaming around aimlessly. I have to call for the photog to get the prep pics, My ManOH is acting totally weird so I know something is going bad. The florist is making the arrangement onsite and doesn't have enough vases. My hairstylist never shows. It was TERRIBLE!

I think this happened b/c I went to bed lastnite with wedding gowns on the brain and my indecisiveness got the best of me. IDK but for now on I am crossing my "t's" and dotted my
"i's" . Did you have any wedding nightmares and when did they start?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

what's the haps on HMs?

We are going to a travel agency tomorrow to hopefully book our honeymoon and honestly we don't have the slightest idea about where we want to go. A part of me wants to go to Jamaica but its hurricane season. Hmm.... should we risk it??? I don't know. Orginally we were planning 2 -week Meditrerean cruise but we are both in school so we only have 1-week. Then we thought about a cruise but it would have to be an adult or couples cruise. The advantage to cruising is that it can me very cost effective! We are for sure going to Hawii or Africa for our 1st Anniversary and the May following the wedding we will be going on a trip for our graduations. Today, I thought about going to the west coast for a few days then Vegas or something. Then I thought about Florida so basically we have come up with NOTHING! If we stay in the states I wouldn't mind going to Arizona and New Mexico or even Mexico. I hope tomorrow helps us out! We have a budget set so we will see what are our options.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

chair cover lady...

that is my other name in case you didn't know. i own a small linen rental company and b/c of that i have not thought much about my linens and chair covers. i really just kind of pushed it to the back burner. well.. its time to pull it off simmer and get to cooking. i have an oasis of options but i also want to be sensible and savvy and SAVE $$$.

Since my venue stocks white, ivory, gold and navy blue linens. I originally planned on just using what we are ALREADY paying for and just use either overlays or runners on the tables. THEN, I contemplated using all different linens... i have come to the realization that the 1st idea is the best option for us. so now the dilemma because what to put together for our tablescape. should we do all runners OR all overlays OR mixed???

So after sorting through a few things I think I have the answer. Since we are having 72" rounds and a long estate table we will do overlays on the rounds and runners on the estate. now here is the hard questions what color and fabric?

Since the ceremony is all white with the exception of the uplights. I wanted to add color in the reception. Originally I was going to use white chair cover w/ a stain copper sash and satin copper overlay. Well I feel like I need more color. So my options are OVERWHELMING! No now I am going to have a few mock set-ups and go from there.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Checks.Checks.. and more Checks!!

Although I have a mountain worth of school work complete I decided to take a break and blog about our accomplishments last week. We have paid of the following....

  • Venue rental

  • Photog

  • Less than half of left on Videographer

So that's all the big vendors. Our parents are taking care of catering, bar, cupcakes, and DJ which is great. We put down all the deposits. Next up: the hotel for the bridal and newlywed suites paid, order a dress finally (may 15th is my deadline.. I know I'm cutting it close), pay off DOC, finalize the florist situation, and pick HONEYMOON location!

As soon as school is out we are going to complete our home renovations that were put on hold. We are getting a new HVAC unit, painting the main bath and kitchen, putting in some new counter tops for the kitchen, and maybe a deck for the summer, i really want a privacy fence but I may have to wait.

We tentatively are planning our Mexican Fiesta themed housewarming BBQ for 06.05.10!

Did I tell you I am starting the "6 month shred" that's what I named my new diet/lifestyle change. Deets later!!! Break over STUDY time!

Friday, April 09, 2010


OMG.....We are down to the wire! In just a few short weeks school will be out for the SUMMER and I can enjoy planning the wedding..ohh I can't wait!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

STD's are OuT!

HappY EasteR EverybodY!

My fam gets together every holiday so FI and I passed out STD's today! I hand delivered some, gave FI some, mailed FMIL some and still a few to mail out. We went to church today and I am glad we did the sermon was wonderful and FI really enjoyed it. After church we went to my mom's for dinner and then out to the movies. So we had a mellow and enjoyable day.
Say bye bye......

We went to see the new Tyler Perry flick with the rest of the world seemed like...the movies were PACKED! anyway the events of today just got me to thinking about marriage and love. I can say from the deepest part of me the I LOVE my man and I am honored to be his WIFE.

In 6 months and 5 days I will be a MRS! Marriage is hard work, dedication, and patience and I look forward to spending my life with my wonderful man!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

aisle inspiration

I have always wanted our ceremony aisle to look like the picture below. I love have how organic it is. However we are not getting in a church and we have a circular set-up so I ponder over ideas and came up with something that will be a spin off this idea. As you know originally my florist was supposed to put these together for me but she was charging $100 / centerpiece and I needed 10 so they added up pretty quickly anyway so I sought out to find what I need to create the look I have in my mind and I have been successful. Total thus far each centerpiece is $30 bucks and that includes purchasing the vases, river rocks, feathers and willow branches I will debut the mock-up later {too lazy to download pics}....

Now I am in the process of deciding do I want out the centerpieces on white columns as you can see below. Keep in mind that each one is 5'5" tall.

How funky are these pedestals. LoVe!

Or we could go with cubed blocks. This wedding was absolutely STUNNING!

Or we can simply place them on the floor but I feel that you lose the drama of it all so I am still pondering this one. I thought about just using a plant stand to house them. We will just have to see....

white aisle sale

Thinking about DIYing your bridal bracelet DON'T! White Aisle has bracelets on sale
20-50% OFF!


All 3 are priced at $19.99!

I think I will order these for the mother's for a keepsake. This will replace the corsage!

http://www.whiteaisle.com SALE ENDS 04.06.10

Friday, April 02, 2010


Jill Scott is one of my FAV artist EVER! I LOVE her MUSIC it speaks to my soul. Really. This is a pic from the new Essence May issue and I LOVE this dress. I want it for my reception dress.

Orginally I had planned to wear like a bronze colored wedding gown and a white reception dress. Now I am considering switching it up and wearing a white dress. Essentially I have found 2 receptions dresses and NO wedding dress. I know...CRAZY. right??? But I think that I will wear white reception dress as a wedding dress BUT I really don't want to wear white! decisions. decisons.....Now I either have to find a fabric that is close this one OR wait on the issue and see who made that dress!

invit-hations pt 5 {REMIXED}

So there is a LOOOONNNNGGGG story behind our wedding invites. {READ IT HERE} So anyway as you know the same designer who designed my STDs I also hired to do the invites. After over 987654321 emails back and forth the invitation suite is finally completely and I LURVE THEM. YES! I do! They are perfect for us! Jonezy over @ http://www.thebuckeyebride.blogspot.com/ has blogged about our design on her site. If you need anything by way of paper she is the woman to contact. She is very nice, affordable, super creative and PATIENT. I have enjoyed both of my expriences with her and I plan to use her for the rest of our paper projects.

Here they are from her site with the names and our info changed.



Here is the entire suite minus the RSVP! {I blurred some of the info}

While distorting some of the important info I made a few mistakes on the other info.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DESIGN. Now I have to order the samples and the envelopes.