Sunday, April 18, 2010


Checks.Checks.. and more Checks!!

Although I have a mountain worth of school work complete I decided to take a break and blog about our accomplishments last week. We have paid of the following....

  • Venue rental

  • Photog

  • Less than half of left on Videographer

So that's all the big vendors. Our parents are taking care of catering, bar, cupcakes, and DJ which is great. We put down all the deposits. Next up: the hotel for the bridal and newlywed suites paid, order a dress finally (may 15th is my deadline.. I know I'm cutting it close), pay off DOC, finalize the florist situation, and pick HONEYMOON location!

As soon as school is out we are going to complete our home renovations that were put on hold. We are getting a new HVAC unit, painting the main bath and kitchen, putting in some new counter tops for the kitchen, and maybe a deck for the summer, i really want a privacy fence but I may have to wait.

We tentatively are planning our Mexican Fiesta themed housewarming BBQ for 06.05.10!

Did I tell you I am starting the "6 month shred" that's what I named my new diet/lifestyle change. Deets later!!! Break over STUDY time!

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  1. Sounds like you are right on track!!! Even with pesky old school as a huge distraction!