Tuesday, April 20, 2010

chair cover lady...

that is my other name in case you didn't know. i own a small linen rental company and b/c of that i have not thought much about my linens and chair covers. i really just kind of pushed it to the back burner. well.. its time to pull it off simmer and get to cooking. i have an oasis of options but i also want to be sensible and savvy and SAVE $$$.

Since my venue stocks white, ivory, gold and navy blue linens. I originally planned on just using what we are ALREADY paying for and just use either overlays or runners on the tables. THEN, I contemplated using all different linens... i have come to the realization that the 1st idea is the best option for us. so now the dilemma because what to put together for our tablescape. should we do all runners OR all overlays OR mixed???

So after sorting through a few things I think I have the answer. Since we are having 72" rounds and a long estate table we will do overlays on the rounds and runners on the estate. now here is the hard questions what color and fabric?

Since the ceremony is all white with the exception of the uplights. I wanted to add color in the reception. Originally I was going to use white chair cover w/ a stain copper sash and satin copper overlay. Well I feel like I need more color. So my options are OVERWHELMING! No now I am going to have a few mock set-ups and go from there.....

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