Friday, April 02, 2010

invit-hations pt 5 {REMIXED}

So there is a LOOOONNNNGGGG story behind our wedding invites. {READ IT HERE} So anyway as you know the same designer who designed my STDs I also hired to do the invites. After over 987654321 emails back and forth the invitation suite is finally completely and I LURVE THEM. YES! I do! They are perfect for us! Jonezy over @ has blogged about our design on her site. If you need anything by way of paper she is the woman to contact. She is very nice, affordable, super creative and PATIENT. I have enjoyed both of my expriences with her and I plan to use her for the rest of our paper projects.

Here they are from her site with the names and our info changed.



Here is the entire suite minus the RSVP! {I blurred some of the info}

While distorting some of the important info I made a few mistakes on the other info.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DESIGN. Now I have to order the samples and the envelopes.

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