Saturday, April 03, 2010

aisle inspiration

I have always wanted our ceremony aisle to look like the picture below. I love have how organic it is. However we are not getting in a church and we have a circular set-up so I ponder over ideas and came up with something that will be a spin off this idea. As you know originally my florist was supposed to put these together for me but she was charging $100 / centerpiece and I needed 10 so they added up pretty quickly anyway so I sought out to find what I need to create the look I have in my mind and I have been successful. Total thus far each centerpiece is $30 bucks and that includes purchasing the vases, river rocks, feathers and willow branches I will debut the mock-up later {too lazy to download pics}....

Now I am in the process of deciding do I want out the centerpieces on white columns as you can see below. Keep in mind that each one is 5'5" tall.

How funky are these pedestals. LoVe!

Or we could go with cubed blocks. This wedding was absolutely STUNNING!

Or we can simply place them on the floor but I feel that you lose the drama of it all so I am still pondering this one. I thought about just using a plant stand to house them. We will just have to see....

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