Sunday, January 31, 2010

holy smokes...

remember here when i 1st started planning and i was looking and FG dresses well since then i made a decision and i went over to etsy to check out the pricing on the dresses well since last summer the dresses have increased 2-3x the amount. they were ~$20 NOW they range from $50-$90 BUCKS! talk about inflation. i love them none the less but i may have to look into an alternative route rather than etsy.
the dress shown here is etsy: tututcutebycandance -$50

here is the look i am shooting for:

i like this is a nice alternative to the floral pomanders!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bridal Luncheon??

As a little present to my BM's I plan to host a little bridal luncheon for us! As you well know I LOOVVVEEE themed parties so this one is an ENGLISH TEA PARTY!! We will all get together and put on our big hats and have tea and cucumber sandwiches! I plan to host this little party 2 weeks before the wedding. I plan for it to be just me and the girls and our mothers. So last summer I brought all the items for the party and the gifts for the girls so now I am have been contacting venues. Now I was going to have it in our backyard and that's still an option if we get our privacy fence this summer like planned. But that's if I can't find an affordable venue. I know a place that would be perfect for the event but it's a little pricey. Here is one place that I found and suits my budget.
Introducing Nonnah'sThis is the main dining area
This is the Gallery another dining area!
I am not sure if it will work with my color palette. But of all the places I have contacted the are on the top of my list. I have to get my head out if the clouds and go study. Until later!!!

invit-hations pt 2

Ok so I have been so obsessed with deciding on invites lately that it is taking over my every thought. I dreamed about invites last night. I am neglecting my school work and household duties because of this now let me tell you this is not an easy decision. Like most brides I like pocketfold invites I think that whey are super cute. However like most brides I don't like the cost that is associated with them so there begins the dilemma. I don't mind DIY but with my schedule I don't think that I have to time to actually order the paper and make the pockets so then that leaves me the option of ordering blank pocketfolders.

Well the best deal that I could find was at
This is A-7 H Copper -50 for $39.99. About .80/pocket before shipping. If I went this route I would have the invites and enclosures designed which ranges b/w $45- 65. I LOVE this design for inspiration...This is from a Aprillinc on Etsy.
Then I would need outer envelopes and the best deal I found was @ Jungle Green on clearance 100-$10 bucks!

I still would need the invites printed with VP and get the materials for the belly bands so after an estimated cost analysis this project would be around $255.00 / 100 invites. $2.55 per invite not including postage.

Well I not 100% sold on pockets b/c it's a little too trendy but so are birdcage veils and I am definitely getting one so I decided to look at other options.

  • I ran across these beauties on Etsy as well. Jujubee is the seller.

The petal fold is cute!

Here is the back it's blurry sorry :(

Her work is awesome right? RIGHT!!! I have contacted her to see if she can work with my small budget.

I ran across these as well and thought this vellum envelope was super cute!

I got the image from weddingbee!
Then I thought back to when I interned with a wedding planner and went fishing for some cute seal-n-sends. The thing about these type if invites is that they are inexpensive but a lot of the time they are also not all that cute. But I did stumble on these and I think their pretty dapper.
So the question is what have I come up with that will fit in my tiny budget. At this present moment I have 2 ideas.
  • Pocketfold invite kits like these: Micheals or AC Moore 30-$39.99 but with a 50% off coupon 30-$19.99. I only need 90 but if I go this route I plan to buy 4 pks 120 just to be safe. I can do a lot to jazz these babies up without going over budget. ( I am going to both stores today to check out the quality

These are from Micheal

  • I like the idea of letter envelopes with the invite and enclosures. I think that this is cute and a bit different and inexpensive to create!

Like I said I want the best deal possible. How did you choose your invitations???

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I hate invitations!!!! Why you may ask? Because I feel like invitations are just a waste of $$. I mean don't get me wrong they can be very cute and they are "technically" the first glimpse of the wedding but really.. I refuse to pay $5+ each for something that will probably end up in the trash...This includes programs which I did not want to do and menus, yada, yada... So because of that I have tentatively decided to semi-DIY our invites. At this present moment here are my options:

  1. I will have a stationer design something cute and use VP to print them.
  2. Buy a few packs from Micheals, Hobby Lobby or AC Moore and print them. Coupons in hand of course!
  3. Have someone design them, order the paper, and take them to Staples/Kinko's and have them print and cut...
Now I know how I want to do them but I now I need to figure out what it is that I want to do. I like pocketfolds but I also like it when it's stacked with a belly band. I also like the vellum envelopes see it's to many options for a girl like me. I have to just find something I like and be done with it. But here are some invites that I have been saving as I found them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rehearsal Dinners

because our wedding is in October which in the wedding world has become the 'new' june and facilities book so quickly and i wanted to book and place for our rehearsal venue. so i called my FMIL to ask if she wanted me to find something or did she want to handle it. she told me to find something and get back with her so the hunt begins.. the wedding reception is located in the downtown area of our city which is filled with lots of restaurants and the such. but i never wanted to have a rehearsal dinner (RD) @ a restuarant b/c i really wanted it to be intimate. so my man of honor and i began the search of where to host the RD and we came across and an idea.

now i am one of those people who feel like a RD should be just that a dinner. our rehearsal starts @ 6:45 pm and should last an hour so it will be a little late in the evening (8ish) when we eat dinner so b/c of that i wanted to switch up my orginal idea of a soul food RD to something more fun... if you haven't noticed i LOVE themed parties and i always have it just so much fun and i love that.....

so here is my new idea: ( i don't know if my FMIL will go for it but we'll see :~} i got my fingers cross)

  • i call it BBB- burgers, beer and bowling- we would have it a sports bar with a private room that can accomdate the slide show and the number of guest. we have to commit to 30 guests which is perfect for us! the room is free and not only is it free its not even located near any of the other patrons in the resturant. it has a big floor space with a 60" flat screen w/DVD player over a fireplace and 19" tvs along the wall perimeter where the booths are located perfect for the slide show right? We will have the cutest hamburger cake you ever wanted to see for dessert and afterwards go bowling- why bowling you ask? b/c FI and i met @ a bowling alley. (the only prob with the bowling idea is that it will be pretty late into the night but the wedding is not until after 5 the next day ). we can choice a variety of different types of burgers and sandwiches for the guests to choose from and they will preprint our selection on a menu. the place has great lighting.

here are the perks to the place and idea.

  1. proxmity- it's out the back door of the venue - walking distance. you have to pass the resturant to get to the hotel.
  2. its economical - not to hard on the wallet (we love to save $$$$$)
  3. it's private and i get to have the intimate yet fun RD that i always wanted
  4. my FMIL and FSIL can actually rest and enjoy the evening and not be cooking and running around.
  5. there is no clean up and teardown
  6. i love how it represents FI and the kind of guy he is... it's so perfect
  7. no decorations needed....some cute centerpieces on the tables .. viola-complete
  8. i just like that it is simple and fun (no muss no fuss)

We are 90% sold on the idea but the ILS have to like it too so we will see. How did/are you choosing your RD location?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So today is the actual is my 3oth b-day! I have what I call BIG birthdays and 30 is definitely one of them. I really can't believe that I am 30 no more 20's yall. I embrace it and I am glad that I have lived to experience it... I had a pretty laid back day. I didn't do what I wanted to do but I enjoyed it none the less. I got a great present last night..what you may ask? My 6:30 AM clinical got cancelled so that meant no school today. YAY for me right! Then when I woke up this morning and the proof was ready for the STDs for the wedding and when I say that I LOOVVEEE them that's exactly what I mean. I will reveal them at a later date but all I can say is that I love them. FI says I get the other half on my presents during the week so that excites me. Overall I had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My 30th Birthday Dinner

Lastnite FI had a surprise birthday dinner for me at my fav resturant. I had such a good time! Here are some of the pics.


So we were super productive over the weekend with the exception of the car breaking down but that is a different story. We booked:

  1. Baker for the cupcakes and cakes

  2. DJ

  3. Paid on Photog and Venue ( little less than half left)

  4. DIY projects started

  5. STDs order completed

  6. Found someone to make dresses