Friday, January 08, 2010


ok so i was all excited about my bm dresses and getting ready to unveil to you guys and guess what??? you are not going to believe this... the bridal shop doesn't have my color or as they explained the manufacturer doesn't offer the dress in my color. and i am so sad :(

i had a lot of errands to run as i am preparing for my 1st HUGE bridal show on sunday (later for that) so i stopped by the shop to physically look at the dress b/c i just saw it online and fell in love with it so i was all eager and anxious to see it. well i was disappointed in the actual dress. why you ask?
  1. its taffeta and in my humble opinion it can appear to shiny and cheaper fabrics makes noise when you move
  2. it didn't look the way it did online.. neither of them had as much volume. but it may look better on someone nit just the i plan to bring one of girls to it on just to see if i really like it
  3. they don't offer my color

being the person that i am...when i got home i checked online again and i noted where has the dress and listed is a color that may work but as i mentioned the bridal shop called the manufacturer and they advised that the colors they showed me are the only colors available.. so now i am confused. if any of you know anything about how this is possible PLEASE advise me...anyway here are the dress(es)that i wanted!

i love it w/out the straps!

i picked out both of these for the girls to choose which one they felt most comfortable.

i have since started looking at other options and here are some dresses that i like....

our wedding colors plum (purple), kelly green, copper, and hint of yellow. i really want copper dresses but i am having a hard time finding them everything is either burnt orange or cinnamon so my search will continue. i noticed that david's bridal has the colors but not the styles i am interested in. i may have to look into having the dresses made.. a fellow blogger ebonee blogged about milly bridal i may have contact them. wish me luck.. thx for reading and all of your comments...

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  1. The dresses will look gorgeous once they are tailored to fit the bridesmaid. That's what makes the one on the model look so's fitted to her shape! :)

    Hmmm...maybe the bridal shop actually didn't contact the manufacturer directly? Maybe they buy from another seller...that's an option. Why not contact the website you visited & saw the colors and ask them if, in fact, they carry those colors. Once you can can just order from their site.

    If that doesn't work...I suggest Milly...but make sure you're cool with overseas dress makers. I was & I loved my experience.

    Oh BM dresses are taffeta and don't make a lot of noise! :)