Monday, January 18, 2010

My my my...

As you know I am on the search for bridesmaid dresses and NO I have not decided on my dress yet! But I wanted to start putting time into finding theirs. So I found this dress that I LOVED online well when I saw the dress in-store I wasn't so fancied by it so I then keep searching and I came across these beauties and when I say that I heart them I mean IT!!!

This is the color that I have been looking for! But I would like a plum and/or deep teal sash!
I absolutely adore this one!!!!

Sorry for the small pics it's the best I could get.They have all my colors which is great BUT I don't know how expensive they are. I have to contact the bridal salon tomorrow! I hope they are affordable! I'm going to do more research online! Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Hey Sis-in-law,
    I'm in love with the burnt orange dress, please let that be mine. My second choice is the cream color dress.