Monday, January 04, 2010

new years resolutions????

ok so like most i don't make "new year's resolutions" but i do like most take this time and self evaluate and see what changes that i need to make and what improvements can be made.. as i reflect over 2009 i feel that i accomplished most of what i can remember i set out to accomplish and i am excited and thankful for that. but 2009 was about me and now 2010 is about us .... mr htb (hoppinthebroom) and me and it's different b/c i now think about how my actions will affect our lives... so my goal for 2010 is to a better person all around! to accomplish this goal i would like to finally once and for all lose this damn weight! i feel like a slave for food it terrible. and to make it so bad before mr htb i had just lost 75 pounds but hey i am back at it again.
  1. lose weight
  2. lose weight
  3. fit in a beautiful wedding dress
  4. obsess over losing weight
  5. obsess more over losing weight
  6. start a new blog about my weight loss journey :0)

but seriously i am really going to devote 100% to this lifestyle change. i also plan to get my business off the ground and profitable during 2010. i would like to spend more time with our families at least visit his once a month and do more with my mother. with all the wedding things to be done what is be easy to accomplish. i also plan to strengthen my relationship with God and loosen up a little. i turn 30 this year and i am excited! i feel good so what are if any your new year's goals or resolutions??


  1. Aww. Good luck! Mine's is to be a better person. I.E: less critcal of others and myself, more giving, and more forgiving! I hope it works. I think it would help me be a better person, which would also help my relationship with my fiance!


    Good luck with all your resolutions, I hope you accomplish them all :)