Saturday, January 30, 2010

invit-hations pt 2

Ok so I have been so obsessed with deciding on invites lately that it is taking over my every thought. I dreamed about invites last night. I am neglecting my school work and household duties because of this now let me tell you this is not an easy decision. Like most brides I like pocketfold invites I think that whey are super cute. However like most brides I don't like the cost that is associated with them so there begins the dilemma. I don't mind DIY but with my schedule I don't think that I have to time to actually order the paper and make the pockets so then that leaves me the option of ordering blank pocketfolders.

Well the best deal that I could find was at
This is A-7 H Copper -50 for $39.99. About .80/pocket before shipping. If I went this route I would have the invites and enclosures designed which ranges b/w $45- 65. I LOVE this design for inspiration...This is from a Aprillinc on Etsy.
Then I would need outer envelopes and the best deal I found was @ Jungle Green on clearance 100-$10 bucks!

I still would need the invites printed with VP and get the materials for the belly bands so after an estimated cost analysis this project would be around $255.00 / 100 invites. $2.55 per invite not including postage.

Well I not 100% sold on pockets b/c it's a little too trendy but so are birdcage veils and I am definitely getting one so I decided to look at other options.

  • I ran across these beauties on Etsy as well. Jujubee is the seller.

The petal fold is cute!

Here is the back it's blurry sorry :(

Her work is awesome right? RIGHT!!! I have contacted her to see if she can work with my small budget.

I ran across these as well and thought this vellum envelope was super cute!

I got the image from weddingbee!
Then I thought back to when I interned with a wedding planner and went fishing for some cute seal-n-sends. The thing about these type if invites is that they are inexpensive but a lot of the time they are also not all that cute. But I did stumble on these and I think their pretty dapper.
So the question is what have I come up with that will fit in my tiny budget. At this present moment I have 2 ideas.
  • Pocketfold invite kits like these: Micheals or AC Moore 30-$39.99 but with a 50% off coupon 30-$19.99. I only need 90 but if I go this route I plan to buy 4 pks 120 just to be safe. I can do a lot to jazz these babies up without going over budget. ( I am going to both stores today to check out the quality

These are from Micheal

  • I like the idea of letter envelopes with the invite and enclosures. I think that this is cute and a bit different and inexpensive to create!

Like I said I want the best deal possible. How did you choose your invitations???

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  1. I was torn too. Some look so cheap that although I am on a budget and trying to be sensible that I just couldn't do it. I scoured the internet until I found some cute ones. They don't have a bow or are super trendy but I like them. They will certainly do. It'll cost me about $190 for RSVP and invites which is more then I wanted to spend.