Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ok so I have...

to get down to business and serious about wedding planning. i have spent alot of time on the net and looking a blogs its time to get down to business. Ok so here is the laudry list of some of the things that i need to do...

  • hire a baker- we have an appt with the final baker on 1.23.10
  • decide on dj- i know i still haven't decided yet (after the bridal show on sun we will make the final decision and cut the check:)
  • find a videographer/cinematographer
  • have the final engagement session so that we can get std's designed and completed ( i will reveal all the deets about std's in a later post but i have decided on a design concept that i love!!!)
  • make a list of all the diy projects and began them.....( i did start on the flower girl pomander but i don't love them i used silk gerber daisies but it looks wack so i will re-vise them a bit pics to come
  • order and purchase lighting a consult on 1.11.10 )
  • find mr. htb a ring that i feel is fit for him ( originally i wanted to get him 2 one for everyday wear and then one bling'ed out but we may have to meet in the middle)
  • decide and design all things paper -invites etc ( i have an idea but nothing in stone yet )
  • pick out the bm dresses..( i went looking a david's today and that don't have my color so the search is on...)
  • make the jewelry for the girls...part of my diy project list
  • think about programs .....
  • decide on the linens
  • decide on exits
  • decide on music and songs
  • oot bags and items
  • signages
  • and the list goes on and on and on .....

i feel a tad bit behind but we are going to be ok... i hope.. maybe i will try to convince my fi to push the wedding back :)


  1. We'll get it done Babe.I Love You!

  2. Just remember to do projects you enjoy. Don't get caught up thinking you HAVE to have certain things. And I've heard for brides doing a lot of DIY its good to have an early deadline, at least a week before the wedding, so anything not done by then you can just forget about and that way you can focus on the wedding. Good luck!