Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CHECK:license to wed

We went to apply for of marriage license today. In my state that wait 24 hours to issue the license so we pick it up tomorrow. It was so EASY!!! There wasn't even any paper work involved really.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

guess what happened...

today we recieved our very 1st wedding presents. I don't even know what it is because the box wouldn't fit in my car so I will pick it up tomorrow. Our photosharing cards came in today from Vistaprint and our travel agent sent us a gift as well! I am starting to get SUPER EXCITED!!! FI's b-day and Bachelor parties are this weekend so good knows what them fellas are going to be getting into. I am having a henna party Friday night and going to Florida a getaway. I am looking forward to some relaxation. I'm off to study something to sleep. Nighty-nite!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

BMs Par-Tea

The BMs Luncheon was today and we had a great time! I really enjoyed myself. As you know I love themes so the luncheon was a Tea Party so here are a few pics for your enjoyment!

Since I really wanted to have some yellow in the wedding and couldn't find a place for it I decided that the colors would be black, white, and yellow! Here is our little table.

I didn't get really good pictures of the tablescape.

More pics to come. It's late and I have an 8am class in the morning!


So it been a while since I blogged or at least it feels like it. We are moving right along and I am getting more and more excited. Throughout the wedding planning process I have had a few frustrations, but overall it has been a beautiful experience. Well today is the BM Luncheon and it's a tea party so I will come back with a plethora of pics. I am so excited about it. I hope that they enjoy this little gathering that I am hosting for them. I LOVE my girls. They have been very supportive and this is just a little token of my appreciation. FI and I are getting of marriage license this week. I met with the Florist yesterday and she is going to have the 2 arrangements officially mock-up this week. School has been hectic and I have to get a like 2 weeks worth of work completed this week. SO that I am not stressing at the end. I want to fully ENJOY our HONEYMOON! I plan on buying a new USB port for my computer so that I can download some pics. I have to go to my grandma' s to pick up my hat for today. LATER. By the way thanks for reading and encouragement.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CHECK: Photowall

My dad has almost completed the photowall. Its amazing!! He is doing the cut-out for the picture frames today. I love it!!!! I will post pics when it's finished. It's 8 ft wide 10 ft tall. It rolls and it folds down half way. He put a crown molding at the top and chair railing. Its AWESOME!!! Now I have to pick put the wallpaper. I have been SOOO busy with school. I never have time to blog. We had our final PMC this past weekend. FI brought is suit. My FMIL and I went shopping she picked out her attire. All we really need to do is go apply for a marriage license like ASAP!! I got to go study now. LATER!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So much has happened over the past few days. Some negative but WAY more positive. So we will focus on the positive. Since last week we have:

  1. Added a new BM (thanks to my great seamstress shout out to MRS.WALLS I LOVE U!!)

  2. Completed the alterations on my DRESS!! Can I say I ADORE IT NOW!!

  3. PAID OFF the WEDDING! Just 2 small items remain!!!!!!

  4. Had out tasting appointment it was AWESOME. I have pics but camera is dead I will post tomorrow. We have so many goodies I can't wait!! So during the tasting me made our final menu selections. I LOVE Italian food and I really wanted to serve family style. My venue has never done a family style set-up so they explained that they didn't have enough serving sets to pull it off. I was somewhat disappointed HOWEVER halfway through the tasting the catering manager decided that they could serve the estate table FAMILY STYLE!!! Which makes me ELATED! So we are having buffet for the guests (2 -two way buffets and the estate table is served family style. She also through in FREE charges for each place setting. All the salads and bread will be pre-set. My FSIL enjoyed the food and she is the chef of the family. We have a few bar options that I don't quite understand. FI is going to decide on that one.

  5. We had our final PMC session yesterday. I am glad that we decided to do sessions.

  6. My FMIL and I went out shopping yesterday and she decided on her attire for the wedding.

  7. FI purchased his suit yesterday.

  8. Found earrings


  • Put OOT boxes together

  • Print programs (thank God I waited)

  • Take Hoodie

  • Get a undergarments for wedding day

  • Make a wedding week itinerary for myself

Sunday, September 12, 2010

RECAPS: Bridal Shower Pt 2

Here are more pics from the shower.

Opening gifts

ManOH and me

FMIL and me

Me and my momma

Me and the Dj -She-Jay!

I can't live without my radio!

Chillin by the pool

Nametags for the girls

That's all FOLKS!!

RECAP: Bridal Shower

My shower had an "old school hip hop"/ theme. I was told by my ManOH to dress the part. So here are some pics they took before my arrival.

Food Shots
My FSIL prepared all the food

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The Cake

My Arrival

As I walked up to the building! NO FLASH YIKES

Guests getting their grub on

BMs and me

FSIL and hostess

FSIL and friend

More recaps coming soon!

Bridal Shower

Well I had my bridal shower today and it was AWESOME! I had a great time. This past week was somewhat stressful. One of my BM's couldn't make the shower b/c she decided that going to the beach was more important. But we had a good time. The old addage one monkey don't stop the show holds true. It was nice to have my friends and family all together. One thing that this process has taught me and that is you really see who people are when your getting married. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I am so blessed to have so many supportive and beautiful people in my life and I am honored to call them friends. My ManoH reads this blog quite often and I definitely need to give him a shout out. He worked his a$$ off for the shower and it was a SUCCESS! It feels good to know people are in your corner! I will post pics and give deets tomorrow.

Friday, September 10, 2010

1 month away

We are 29 days away. I was suppose to have my tonite. But they changed the date. DRAMA! Anyway my bridal shower is tomorrow. I'm so tired now it feels like another task to do off my list. But I know I be excited tomorrow. Tonite I have to do school work so that I can hang out tomorrow.
Here is our aisle runner:

Thanks to my ManOH for doing the monogram.

FG DeAijah in her dress. It's not as full as I wanted it so I added some extra tulle. My seamstress is making them slips to wear under the dress. I LOVE THEM!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's almost done...

What? My dress alterations. So I went with it I altered my wedding gown 31 days before the wedding. Guess what? I am pretty calm about it. So far from what I have seen she's going to be a beauty but I have to wait until tomorrow before I will know for sure! So far so good. In a few short hours we will be 30 days away and I can't wait!!! I am so ready for OUR WEDDING!!

I lost my camera for like a week so no new pics to post. But I will do before and after pics of my dress. I got some checks:

  1. Flower Girls dresses are back and they are so cute! I wanted more tulle on them so I will add it myself and they need a little slip that I plan to have my FABOLOUS seamstress make.

  2. Vid-PAYOFF tomorrow.

  3. Booking hotel room for Officiant tomorrow

  4. Uplights- tomorrow

  5. Passports are here- Jamaica here we come!!!

This past weekend I found/purchased my bridal necklace and bracelet. Now all I need to do is decide on earrings.


  • Find earrings

  • Get hoodie embroided

  • Print programs

  • Finish seating chart - RSVP deadline is OVER!!! Thank God!!!! Final ~161

  • Print vows

  • Buy FI wedding gift

  • Get Marriage license

  • RELAX!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Switching things up...

all weekend I have been in this great debate about altering my dress. I have seek the advice from a few of my closest friends and family and I am still only 80/20 for doing it. What? You may ask? ..... Altering the skirt of my dress. I like the dress but I don't LOVE the dress. I went with a relatively simple gown no muss or fuss but its pretty IMO. I was going for less is best. Honestly, I purchased the gown worrying about my weight. My plan was to just accessorize the h3ll out of the dress and make it more me. But once it came back and I started shopping I couldn't find pieces that would work. As I write this I can honestly say I let my insecurities get the best of me. So I went with a SAFE dress. So long story short my seamstress can make the skirt more me but what worries me is that we are 33 days away and once the fabric is cut ITS CUT!!. My seamstress is the best I mean she has made all the girls dresses and has done a marvelous job and she made my BM luncheon dress. So my people..... i ask you would you take the risk and have something that you LOVE or just semi-settle for something that you like?

Friday, September 03, 2010

Bridal Portait: TO Do or Not!

I have had some down time today and I realized that I am on the fence about a bridal portrait session. I originally was all for it but now I second guessing myself. Where in world would I put the pic after the wedding. I am not the type to decorate my home with a huge pic of myself. I already paid for the session so I'm thinking I will do a TTD (trash the dress ) session and boudoir session instead. I don't know about this one. I think it's good to have a trial run but when I think about the dress possibly getting dirty and having to have it cleaned and re-steamed..yada..yada. I just don't know but I don't want to regret not doing it either. I kind of feel like it's just one of those things I am doing just because. I will debate a little more before making a final decision.

Question: Did you have a bridal portrait session? Thoughts?
On a another note. The FG dresses are on the way. I have modified the dress from the pic below but this a "rough draft" of the dress. We are replacing the tulle straps and replacing them with white satin ribbon. Did I tell you I brought the cute angel wings for them to wear as well.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Quick Update:

  • HM: PAID OFF! YAY!!!

  • Caterer: PAID the bar balance is remaining

  • Our gocco cocktail hour napkins are officially here!

  • Videographer: almost done! Sept 15th is our payoff goal

  • Dress fitting-DONE alterations- in progress. I decided to get a bustle added to my dress.

  • BM Luncheon dress -Check

  • BM dresses are complete and shoes purchased!

  • Bridal Portrait/session: PAID

  • Photo sharing cards design complete
  • Designed by Jonezy over at she is the GREATEST! Check her out!!!

  • Florist : PAID

  • Toasting glasses: MIL Purchased

  • As of today we have 141/180 guest attending the wedding. I really want it to be like 160.

To Do:

  1. Get bridal hoodie
  2. Pick out bridal accessories
  3. Check the status on DIY photo wall - FOB Project
  4. Finally make an official decision on uplights

  5. Get picture frames for Heritage photo wall

  6. Order photo sharing cards

  7. Etch/engrave toasting glasses

  8. Buy candles

  9. RELAX and STUDY!!