Monday, September 06, 2010

Switching things up...

all weekend I have been in this great debate about altering my dress. I have seek the advice from a few of my closest friends and family and I am still only 80/20 for doing it. What? You may ask? ..... Altering the skirt of my dress. I like the dress but I don't LOVE the dress. I went with a relatively simple gown no muss or fuss but its pretty IMO. I was going for less is best. Honestly, I purchased the gown worrying about my weight. My plan was to just accessorize the h3ll out of the dress and make it more me. But once it came back and I started shopping I couldn't find pieces that would work. As I write this I can honestly say I let my insecurities get the best of me. So I went with a SAFE dress. So long story short my seamstress can make the skirt more me but what worries me is that we are 33 days away and once the fabric is cut ITS CUT!!. My seamstress is the best I mean she has made all the girls dresses and has done a marvelous job and she made my BM luncheon dress. So my people..... i ask you would you take the risk and have something that you LOVE or just semi-settle for something that you like?

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  1. get what you love. You trust your seamstress so it should be ok.