Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Quick Update:

  • HM: PAID OFF! YAY!!!

  • Caterer: PAID the bar balance is remaining

  • Our gocco cocktail hour napkins are officially here!

  • Videographer: almost done! Sept 15th is our payoff goal

  • Dress fitting-DONE alterations- in progress. I decided to get a bustle added to my dress.

  • BM Luncheon dress -Check

  • BM dresses are complete and shoes purchased!

  • Bridal Portrait/session: PAID

  • Photo sharing cards design complete
  • Designed by Jonezy over at she is the GREATEST! Check her out!!!

  • Florist : PAID

  • Toasting glasses: MIL Purchased

  • As of today we have 141/180 guest attending the wedding. I really want it to be like 160.

To Do:

  1. Get bridal hoodie
  2. Pick out bridal accessories
  3. Check the status on DIY photo wall - FOB Project
  4. Finally make an official decision on uplights

  5. Get picture frames for Heritage photo wall

  6. Order photo sharing cards

  7. Etch/engrave toasting glasses

  8. Buy candles

  9. RELAX and STUDY!!


  1. You are on your way!! Being organized like you are has to be a huge help.