Friday, August 27, 2010


Due to my back fat issues I decided to start looking for boleros.
Thus far and I am quite please with my findings. Although I have been having a heard time trying to decide on bridal accessories this decision is also going to be a little difficult. I love the old vintage glamour vibe and that's sort of what I was going for for my bridal look but with a modern twist.
Anyway I have to choose a color should I stay with white like my official ceremony dress or go with a purple bolero to match the purple birdcage veil I am contemplating. Or should I go with a black bolero and white birdcage. Should I add a hint of feathers on the bolero or not. The options are endless.

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  1. i love boleros! i really like the first one! i actually wanted one for the wedding but b/c i had already bought a shawl, hubby was like don't spend more money. i told him that i would wear it after the wedding ... it didn't work! :)