Thursday, August 19, 2010

what's important...

As the wedding draws near it becomes more clear as to what is important. Although I would love a beautiful wedding with all my friends and family in attendance to share with us as we began a new chapter in our lives. I realize that the most important thing to check off my endless list is making sure that FI and I are HAPPY. Making sure that we cultivate our love and listening to him and his feelings are more important than the color of our up lights. I am blessed with a wonderful man and I don't take it for granted. We have a beautiful relationship filled with honesty and respect. I love that I can me with him. I love that he accepts me for who I am as a woman. I can be difficult to love at times and I know that and I know that he wholeheartedly accepts the challenge. This is a feeling that I have only dreamt about. I want to enjoy the last days of our engagement.

I know and accept in reality I will get annoyed with everyone wanting to attend this wedding. Not sending in stamped RSVP and the such. But I will not let that annoyance over others interfere with my home and us. I have come to the realization that if I let people affect me then that's my fault not theirs. I am in "control" of what I give to others not what I get. Although I believe in the law of attraction so if I am positive light, positive energy will come back. I reflect over this past summer and all the things that lead up to this point and I am PROUD of what we have accomplished together. We make a darn good time and we have great cheerleaders to support us and for that I am GRATEFUL! For every crazy thing that happens 10 wonderful things happen.

Tomorrow the semester starts so I will probably be blogging less. But I feel that I am ready. I have done all that I could to prepare the rest is up to God. Thank you all for reading this blog. Thank you for your encouragement, and advise and love. It's truly appreciated.

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