Friday, August 13, 2010

Our RSVP's

are coming in and I am so EXCITED! I mailed and hand delivered invites this past weekend and we had already received 4 RSVPs on Monday! I have been to the post office since then to check to see how many more have arrived. It's finally seeming REAL! We have a tasting at the venue at the end of the month. I met with the florist yesterday and gave her all the stuff I had collected for the centerpieces I still have a few more things to give her for the estate table. I started working on seating arrangements just for the estate table. Today I'm going to meet a client about a chuppah for her wedding and looking for a hoodie to get embroidered for the wedding. I need to shop for my bridal earrings and I don't officially have a veil yet. I have a purple blusher that I am pretty sure that I will wear I just need the dress to decide. My dress should be here next week. Cutting it close right? I know! The meeting with the florist went better than I expected she really did a great job on everything I have seen thus far. The centerpieces are huge! I worried that they may be too large. But I asked for it. I wasn't disappointed at all. Pics to come!! I need to download them!
Here are the feathered pomanders I made for the estate table.

I plan on using these on the estate table which is all white at this point but I may add in some black. I am not sure as of yet!

This is the linens for the guest seating. Sorry for the wrinkles. The green satin did not photograph well. But you get the overall idea! I am attempting to create a peacock feather with the linens!

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