Sunday, August 15, 2010

i have a problem....

what is it you may ask? My back fat!! LOL!!! so my dress came yesterday YAY!! and it's strapless and I knew that I had some issues now don't get me wrong but I thought that if I got the right size that it wouldn't be so noticeable and boy did I think wrong. So now I am on a SERIOUS diet. Realistically do I think I will lose it all before the wedding? Of course not! But I am about the try to tone where I can and mold it a little. If I stand with perfect posture it is not as bad! So that is an incentive. I will also get a bolero made just in case! I love her none the less with back fat and all. Thank God I have long hair! I can't post any pics of my dress just yet.


  1. ugh, the dreaded back fat! i hate it! why can't the back fat just go to a place i want it to be? i know how you feel but also know you are going to be an absolutely gorgeous bride no matter what!

  2. Everyone has it no matter how small you are. Mine thankfully wasn't as bad because of where it hit me. Don't beat yourself up abut it, I'm with Faith you will be gorgeous either way!