Friday, August 06, 2010

Wood Walls and Uplights

This is room where our reception will take place. To the far left of the pic there is an airwall and that's where our ceremony will be! Anyway to the right of the pic you see what I call the "wood wall" well that wall is causing some problems for the uplights in the room.

The lighting company came out and mocked up a portion of the airwall in the reception. I really liked this look but the wood wall gives a different look that I don't like.

Here is the wood wall with amber lighting. Which looks pretty good but I would like green/blue lighting in this room.

Here is the problematic wood wall with flash on with the blue/green lights

Here is the blue/green wall with the flash off but it really isn't this bright in the physical so the questions becomes what should we do to fix this problem.

I have suggested 2 options with the company and I interested to see what options and ideas that they have to offer.

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