Monday, August 09, 2010

60 D-A-Y-S

Wow does time fly by? We are almost husband and wife!!!! I am actually starting to get excited. We are mailing invites now. So far so good with that. We will see how RSVP start coming in. All the DIY projects are complete for the wedding except the 3 feather balls and bridal suite and newlywed door hangers.
  1. Get/apply for marriage license
  2. I Do shoes (maybe)
  3. Embroidered bridal hoodie
  4. Get MY DRESS!
  5. Get garter -cowboys for something blue
  6. Order-toasting glasses
  7. Shop for HM
  8. Get FI's wedding gift
  9. Start school
  10. Finish vows
  11. Finish invites
  12. RELAX
I think that's all left to do besides box up stuff and give it to my planner and florist. I meet with the florist this week to give her the stuff and the planner at the end of the month. Our food tasting at the venue is at the end of the month. My dad is making the cardbox, and photowall this week. That's all FOLKS!!!!

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  1. Ok time just flew by! Enjoy these last days of planning, you are going to miss it trust me!