Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Checking in...

My wonderful summer is OVER and school is back! I feel like I'm already behind even though I am not. I guess I'm overwhelmed just a little. I am an Aquarius and by nature I think in the future so FI has to reel back to the present quite often. So far so good I have to stay ahead of the game here people.

In wedding planning news: I recieved my bridal shower invite in the mail the other day. I took pics but my camera is dead right now so I will post them later. It appears to be a old school hip hop themed lounge bridal shower. They have a weekend event planned. The bachleorette party is Friday night and the bridal shower is Saturday evening. Then I have a relaxation weekend somewhere with just my ManOH a week before the wedding. I am a tid bit confused but I going with the plans....HM will be paid off on Friday. YAY!!! The girls dresses are completed and ready to be picked up for the seamstress and I LOVE them.

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  1. sounds like everything is moving along nicely. can't wait to see pics of your bridal shower ... what a fun unique theme!