Sunday, August 01, 2010

PMC Session #1

Yesterday FI and I went to his hometown so that we could meet with the officiant who is performing our wedding ceremony and it was fun. We had to take a little quiz/questionnaire to see just how well we know each other. It amazes me how much we know about each other. I am now getting prepared for the Fall semester to start. I am ready to go back to school just so that I am one semester closer to finishing. My goal is to have all the DIY projects completed and I have pretty much finished things up. I gave my MIL and SIL their invites to mail out. We divided them up and the RSVP comes to me and I will forward them to our planner.

I am pretty happy with how everything is going thus far. I have a million pics to share but my USB cord to my camera is not working. I will post updates tomorrow once I get a new cord.
Until then...I blogged about our guestbook but I didn't post pics. So enjoy!

This is the draft for the trivia napkins that we ordered for cocktail hour. We are using a variety using black and purple napkins with different ink colors for each question. I used Etsy seller The paper hat. We only ordered 100 napkins with 6 trivia questions.

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  1. oooh your guest book looks amazing!

    i love the napkins too. neat idea!