Saturday, January 16, 2010

dressing up

me and 2 of my 'maids went dress shopping this weekend and can i say that bridal salons are pushy. 1 place started pulling out wedding gowns and i informed the salesperson that i wasn't shopping for gowns at the moment... boy this wedding industry sure is overzealous... i mean seriously.... anyway back to them so remember the dress that i loved loved loved and posted here about is the pics with the girls in them and note that the salon didn't have their sizes so we made it work. :)

this is my fav dress now obviously it won't fit like these! the samples in the store was 2 sizes to small for the girls but they were troopers and squezzed in them for me... thanks ladies i apperciate it....XOXOXO
this is my second choice but the manufacturer doesn't make the color that i need and i sort of feel like the balloon look is a bit played but the dress and fun and flirty.

this is dress #3 its cute but i want the 'puffy' bottom but the back is cute!

these are the 2 potentials as of right now! i loved the way the purplish one looked online and the girls but its hard to estimate considering it wasn't there true size. the dress is not forgiving so it shows everything and they would have to be confident in order to pull it off. at this point i think i will select 2 options for them to choose from.. the search continues....

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