Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding nightmare

This is how I felt this morning...what way to wake up...

I had very 1st wedding NIGHTMARE! I woke up in a panic! It was awful. A few weeks after we hired our DJ I had a bad dream about him not having the requested music and the such...but that happened to one of the brides that I had a client so the next morning I woke up and called him and he was reassuring and everything but this one I had just now was terrible.The wedding was at some place that I don't even know where it at and the cake lady got lost and came to the bridal suite with the cake asking me where to go and the cupcakes were out on the back of a truck melting. I get on the phone to talk with the owner of the company and she is super nonchalant about the whole thing. The guys are just roaming around aimlessly. I have to call for the photog to get the prep pics, My ManOH is acting totally weird so I know something is going bad. The florist is making the arrangement onsite and doesn't have enough vases. My hairstylist never shows. It was TERRIBLE!

I think this happened b/c I went to bed lastnite with wedding gowns on the brain and my indecisiveness got the best of me. IDK but for now on I am crossing my "t's" and dotted my
"i's" . Did you have any wedding nightmares and when did they start?

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  1. i had about 3 nightmares in the 14 months i planned. i believe the first one i had at the 6 month mark ... but they stopped when i had two months left.

    i promise, they will stop soon .. it is just so crazy how real they seem!