Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the dreaded "D" word...part deux

as you know if you i am unlike most brides when it comes to the wedding dress. it's time to make some final decisions and i am stumped.

Recap: went dressing shopping couldn't find anything that I LOVED!
Next I decided to design a dress and have it made. I am working on it but I have to have a backup plan just in case that goes astray. I found a dress that would be perfect but it's white and I really don't want white for the ceremony dress. So lastnite I was browsing the web when I should have been studying and I found 2 more potential dresses. So at this point I am debating between 6 dresses. I have 2 options for reception and 4 for ceremony. I have decided that I am willing to order 2 of the ceremony dresses and choose which one works best for me and possibly return the other and not get the dress made...I am so CONFUSED!!!

I think I am going to follow my gut on this one. Order the reception dress that I found and LOVED.

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  1. I'll be confused also if I were in the situation. Of course, you want the perfect dress. You made a right decision. Just follow your gut and pick the dress that you most feel beautiful in. :)