Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Guess what I ordered....

........A WEDDING DRESS!! so as you know I have been struggling with the options for wedding gowns and I was coming up short so I decided to hit the internet and do some serious searching. Well I found a few beauties..

So this is what I decided on I am purchasing 2 dress for the ceremony and 1 for the reception. Why two for ceremony b/c I want 2 different styles and could not decide b/w white and ivory. I can do TTD session in one etc. So I am ordering the Ms Ivory from the internet. Yes...I am nervous about it because it's my favorite and I needed extra length added as I am 5'11 bare foot and my shoes are 4" heels. YES I purchased my shoes before the dress! I brought them like 2 weeks ago. Pics to come!

Now for the white one... well I found it on the internet and was ready to purchase it but it may not be long enough I am waiting for the sales rep to call me back to validate the length. If its too short than I will either get it made or buy it's contender from a local bridal salon.

The reception dress is the prob I found the dress I LOVED but it's too short and to get it longer like doubles the price and I am not willing to do that. So that poses a bit of a problem for me. I will figure it out.

I would love to post pics but I can't b/c FI reads this blog and he doesn't want to see anything that I will wear on that day. I couldn't even show him my shoes and that's hard to do when you share like everything with a person.

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