Thursday, May 06, 2010


Summer Break is FINALLY here! I took my last exam on Monday and I have been celebrating ever since. SO what have I done those far?
  1. Finally got the house painted: YAY!! Kitchen, bathroom, and study.
  2. Went shopping for house decor items... the housewarming is closely approaching.
  3. Made a concrete decision about the florist....I am DIYing why because we are getting UPLIGHTS (if FI approves)
  4. We met with our new travel agent and reviewed our options. We have decided either Punta Cana, Jamaica (Negril, Montego Bay or Ochos Rios) FI will make the final decision and book it next week!!
  5. Today my hand fans for the girls arrived. They are carrying fans instead of bouquets which I ordered for way less than the $50 per bouquet I was quoted. More details to come!
  6. The personalized hanky's also arrived today. Pics to come! These are a part of my gifts to our parents.
  7. I brought the inside cover for the booklet programs.
  8. Finally found a vendor for the BM's necklaces.
  9. And I have a big check that I will post later!!!

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