Monday, May 24, 2010

hand fans...Check

In lieu of bouquets the ladies are carrying palm leaf hand fans. I debated b/w Nigerian fans and palm leaf and honestly the deciding choose came down to cost. So I ordered them online for like $2 each and I will paint them and attach some feathers and viola...Check
Inspiration that this can be done and still be funky.....

Here are the fans that I purchased and some peacocks I'm playing around with.

At this stage in the game I know that I'm going to paint the fans but I haven't decided on a color yet or if it will I do multiple colors. I plan to wrap the handle with some fabric or ribbon. I really wanted them to be larger but I think they are going to work with a little tweaking...:)
This is a work in progress ... I will post when this project is completed!
Wish me luck...

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