Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forget flowers ....

I have been looking into alternatives to bouquets for my BM's. I originally was going to use kale {pic below} and wrap feathers around it. I LIKED the idea and the mock-up from the florist had lots of potential but I didn't LOVE it. I plan to still use the kale/cabbage in another that I will blog about later..Anywho

I wanted something that was "earth-y" like all the decor aspects of the wedding. I went to Hobby Lobby and ran across the plant section and got inspiration from an elephant ear plant leaf. That lead me to local cultural shoppe that a friend of mine owns where I saw these beauties.

Now the only problem is that they are small and not the exact colors that I want them to be so I went home and began a search for something similar.

I found these first cute but not exactly what I am looking for.

Then I found these and was super EXCITED but the company does not carry the color I want them in so I kept searching...

I found this which was perfect but I still wasn't satisfied..

After searching high and low. I plan to order these and DIY them!

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