Monday, March 08, 2010

DIY Checks!

I have finally completed some DIY projects and I want to share them. I have completed the flip flop labels and the cupcake pics! Check these out!

Here are my labels that I made from our mongrams and had them printed at staples for .50/page.

I was originally going to use ribbon to attach the tags but once I saw the label on the flops I decided to mimic that instead. Sorry I should have vacuumed and turned the pic around.
Here is Mr. HTB contributing to the DIY process. He is cutting out the paper for the tags. How cute!!! *Please excuse FI's mancave we still haven't finished unpacking everything and he was doing laundry*

Next I used the glue gun to assemble the tags to the strips FI cut. We used some contruction paper that I had from a DIY from my brother's wedding.

So I know you may be wondering why pink and brown flops? Well this past summer Micheal's clearanced these so I brought all they had left {i blogged about it here} which was pink-larges only and brown- med/small. I paid .40 per pair and purchased 50 pairs! Here is the basket that I purchased from the Goodwill for $2.50 with flops. I am considering spray painting the basket or wrapping some fabric around it.

Here is the label that I made for the basket and viola. Mission COMPELETED!!

Grand total of 27.86 for 50 flops including the price of the monogram! Not bad at ALL!

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