Saturday, March 06, 2010


As you all know we are serving cupcakes at the reception. Will I FINALLY decided that I would do cupcake liners and picks instead of cupcake wrappers. Well I have designed the labels for the picks I am using this monogram.

my picks are round with scallop edges similar to this:(my picks pics coming soon)

well now I need to decide should we just pick one color for the liners or do multiple colors for each different favor cake???

Yes! That is an ORANGE peel! Different right?! I found get pricing online both ways. I don't think we will be doing poka dot but plain but I found this at for 50 for $3.99 not bad right. I ordered 150 cupcakes so that's less than $20 but is it really a necessary NO! But they are just so darn cute!!!

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