Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dress shopping:The Sequel

Like most women I love to shop... I thoroughly enjoy going from store to store and will gladly make a day of it. But when it comes to wedding dress shopping it's so long and it's a lot of work. I am not the typical bride in the sense that my DJ means more to me than my dress does. NOW don't get me wrong I am into fashion and I think I have a nice sense of style and like most artsy people I wear what I like and I am totally comfortable with that. AND I want a beautiful dress. I have only went out dress shopping twice. I plan to do a trip by David's "just to see" if I like anything that I have seen online but I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I will have to get my dress made. Did I want to go this route? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I wanted to go to the store and pick out a dress that I LOVED and order it and VIOLA! CHECK! However that is not the case for my dress or the ladies so I have decided on a reception dress that I can either buy or have replicated. Which is wonderful. I have decided on the ladies dresses which are getting made I will share the sketch with you later. Now the only decision left is the actual wedding gown. Here are a few ideas that I LOVE!!!

For me it about the neckline. I love these dresses! I want whimsical and flowing and a crazy bib necklace all in one. If that makes any sense.

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