Sunday, March 14, 2010

CHECK:Videographer Update


I actually had the appt on FRIDAY with the second videographer and FI and I debated all weekend. I really LOVED his work but I felt like I wanted more time for the money. So I called him this afternoon to negiogiate on a few things. NOW we are getting 2 hrs before ceremony and all nite until departure for $1500 and if I book my bridal session with his wife we will get $200.00 off and a "love story" interview. I am so excited!!!!! I am putting the check and contract in the mail in the MORNING!!! Here is another great thing. The vid and photog are close friends and she (photog) says how great they work together so that = NO DRAMA b/w the two and I LOVE to be STRESS FREE!!! I really feel like we are making the best decision. YAY

NOW all of the major vendors are booked!!!!

EXCEPT for musicians for ceremony and I am currently working on that!!!!

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