Monday, March 08, 2010

DIY Checks pt 2

As you know I decided to DIY my cupcake picks and I am almost finished this tedious task! Aren't all DIY projects a labor of love???
I found these on ETSY and I feel in LOVE with it. I was going to use black and whites still of us but decided against it because we have some many photos through out everything else and thought it was OVER KILL so anyway I decided to DIY instead of buying them. I have had these pics over a year but I don't think it was to costly but cheaper to DIY.


  • I used a monogram we ordered from I DO Originals -$3 {5/$15}
  • Scallop paper puncher from Micheal's 40% off - ~$6.00
  • 8 sheets of printed cardstock from Staples - $4.72
  • Glue gun - already owned
  • Cardstock from Micheals - $1.99 pk on clearance
  • Wooden Dollie sticks from Hobby Lobby - $2.00

Grand Total $18.00 for 150!!!

Here are the cut-outs!


I have about 30 or so more to do! Overall I think that they look pretty darn cute if I must say so myself!

What did you do this weekend!


  1. Girl, you are on a roll! I think these are so cute. I would totally copy that if we were doing cupcakes...