Saturday, March 20, 2010


what??who?? MYSELF! yea I know you are thinking what is she talking about?
well I will explain. when I 1st started blogging I did it to have a memories of the wedding planning {my digital scrapbook} and to have a place to jot down my thoughts and ideas. To my surprise it became addictive and like a support group of people with one thing in common...getting married!!

I started getting lost in blogging whether writing or browsing other blogs but with that came
clouds of confusion and all these different ideas. There's a lot to choose from out there... I became influenced by others...which if you know me you know that is totally not my style. I love the sharing of ideas and how seeing something one way can inspire you to do it your way. Now don't get me wrong I continued with my overall vision but I felt like I was losing myself and creativity in the planning process. So I had to regroup and rethink and NOW I am back and I am going to do me. If no one else understands who cares it about what we want for that day. Its about letting our personalities shine's about having fun and enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity. We are still having OUR " rustic regal romantic family affair" because I believe that even though it is OUR day it is also about the joining of 2 families because of OUR LOVE for one another. That is some AWESOME ish!!! Its about who he is as a person AND who I am as person AND what WE create as a COUPLE. Our wedding will be just that a fusion of US and I LOVE IT!! Family, friends, fun all in the name of L-O-V-E!!

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