Saturday, July 03, 2010

DIY mishap....

Like all my fellow DIY brides when I received an email from Michael's for 15% off the ENTIRE purchase coupon(including sale items). I started thinking about what I needed for my DIY projects....Well I have been on a roll this week so I decided to tackle the wedding party T-shirts. As I looked through the sales ad I noted that T-shirts were on sale PERFECT. I already had made a few designs and tonite I did the finishing touches.

I brought 10 plain white T-shirts which were 2-$5.00 and some 150 cupcake liners with my coupon came to a TOTAL of $25.00 and I LOVE IT! I had already purchased the iron-on transfers. The plan is really simple white shirts with black print. KISS!!!!!!!!!!!

After I completed the design I decided to print 1 and give it a shot....well that's when the mishap occured. I decided to do the flower girl first and well I will just say either my iron is too cheap or I didn't apply enough pressure. So tomorrow I will be back at Michael's replacing that shirt and getting the wreaths for the reception doors!!! I think I will leave the pressing up to FI....b/c we can't afford for this to get expensive that will just defeat the purpose of DIY.

I will say that this way beats $10-15 per shirt!!!! Hands down...As you know our wedding party are wearing these T-shirts to rehearsal and RD.

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