Friday, July 22, 2011

Anniversary Party

Ok we are swiftly approaching our 1yr ANNI so I want to have a PARTY! Of course I do! My husband has finally agreed and I am setting a budget of $1500 that's all that has to cover the food, bldg rental, invitations, and entertainment. Back in April my family had a 85th B-day party for my grandmother so I am thinking we will use the same facility. It includes the food and rental. We are only hosting this party for 60-75 people. Here is how I am going to budget this:

Food and facility- $600
Dj- $200
Invitations - $25
Decor- FREE
Cake- $100
TOTAL: $1085

We may possibly change our plans and have a cook-out of something instead. Who knows but we are def having a gathering.

We decided to have a BOWLING Party. We met at the Bowling Alley so that's where we had our first anni party with family and friends.

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