Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i'm back! our house is a mess because we are doing a few renovations and school is taking a large chunk of time so we have to do things in intervals. i can't seem to pick out paint colors to save my life and deciding b/w carpet or hardwood has been a arduous task. i know... i know.. hardwood! but i hate hardwood in bedrooms..that's a whole other dilemma. there are only 4 weeks of school remaining and i am uber excited about that. i will have a month off of school and work to do some serious wedding planning and get the house done. i can't believe we finally live together. its different...we are learning each other's habits and i have never lived with anyone before...the first week was hard b/c i was super stressed....purchasing a house and making it a home is expensive..i haven't been doing much of anything wedding related. we did take our epics at the was a really short photo session b/c it was packed and fi wasn't really cooperative. i think b/c of the amount of people that were there. i am interested to see how they turn out. of course i will be posting a few once i receive them... gotta go get ready to take a test. later!

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