Saturday, October 24, 2009


YES! THANK-YOU GOD! after all the stress, tears, and annoyance we have finally CLOSED on OUR 1st HOME! I am so excited we have been working on this for months as you know and to finally have a place to call our own is amazing! We are actually HOMEOWNERS we have never lived together before so this should be an adjust but I look forward to it. We are going to make some small renovations until after the wedding. As you know I have to move QUICK so we will be living in the house as we paint, install new carpet, etc. Tomorrow we are going to get some new appliances and starting moving stuff. Thanks for all the comments from you guys the other day when I was sad. I really appreciate you support and advice. I know with this comes great responsibility and work but I am so appreciative our blessing. Thanks again for listening well reading! Woo-whoo!!!!!!