Monday, October 12, 2009

Check: DOC

We met and booked our DOC today and I am so EXCITED! Her name is Robin and she's great! I am so glad to have one more thing checked off our list! Of course I have pics!


  1. Congrats!! What made you choose her? I would love to know more :)

  2. The Quiet Bride- I chose her b/c being in the wedding industry myself I have seen her work ethic. I have observed and worked with a lot of people and I noticed that she goes the extra mile ensure that things goes as planned and discussed. She is very meticulous and she has a great eye for detail. She has years of exprience which can be good and bad. I am hoping for good. Her personality and energy meshed with FI and I. Her price was in budget and she is a nice person but knows how and when to be assertive. Those are some of the reasons why I chose her and she has awesome references and in the wedding business word of mouth goes a LONG way. Hopes this answers your question.