Saturday, May 23, 2009

Engagement: 1.25.09

Hooray!!! I have been trying to make this little collage of our eDay since last night. For the life of me I can't work Photoshop. I know it's supposed to be great but I not seeing it right now. Anyway. The above pics came from our eDay back in Jan. I love engagement stories so here is mine:
We got engaged on 1.25.2009 at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. It was my birthday weekend. On that Saturday before Teddy said that he had plans and that he would see me later so I went shopping with his sister Tammy and her friends. Later that afternoon we went to my favorite restaurant that he hates for dinner. After dinner he reserved a room at the ES where he had decorated with candles and music etc. Anthony Hamilton was playing and I said let’s dance how we going to dance at the wedding (we had been discussing marriage a lot during that time) and so we starting dancing under the moonlight (that shined thru the window).Then we went to bed. The next day we had lunch-pizza at the hotel restaurant and headed to the Zoo. It was a little cold out so I really wanted to renege and go someplace warm but I went along for the ride because I knew he had planned this date for my birthday.
At this point we are walking around at the Zoo talking and taking pics and now we are at the exit area and there are some benches and he sits down and says that his leg hurts so I sit next to him and we just talking and he asks “you know why I brought you here” and I'm like yeah this is where we had our first date and he’s like what else so I’m pondering all the dates we have had there and the next thing I knew he is on one knee I am looking so shocked I thought he was joking and then he pulls out the ring and says this is also the place where I am asking you to marry me. I so shocked because I knew he was going to ask this year but I had no clue when. I was the most shocked that I have ever been in all my life. Words can’t describe the emotions that I felt. We both cried and hugged. My engagement ring was his mother’s engagement ring and his parents have been married for 36 years this year. I am honored to be a part of their family legacy.
Fast forward to present so we have been engaged for almost 4 months. Our wedding date is semi-set for 10.09.10. We wanted to get married on FI's b-day which is 10.2 but we are both students so I want to plan the wedding so that our Fall Breaks fall on our honeymoon. So we have tentatively decided to push it back a week. Getting married in the middle of the semester is not the best idea but I am in graduate school so I will be there for quite sometime. I wasn't going to wait until I graduated. So let's hope this works well. I will be in my second year of clinicals during that time. My goal is to get everything done at least 3 months before the wedding. So that I can enjoy the events.
The one thing that is in my favor is that I worked as an Event Planner and still do events part-time so I know what needs to be done. But one thing I have learned so far is that IT IS EASIER TO PLAN OTHER PEOPLES STUFF THAN IT IS PLANNING YOUR OWN. I am blessed because being in the industry I know what vendors to choice and which ones to stay away from and I so so so grateful of that because choosing the wrong vendors can ruin your special day.
I know that this post is long but I have so much to say. Until later.

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