Saturday, May 23, 2009

We are having a Luau!

We are currently planning our Engagement Party. Most of friends and family already know that we are engaged but we wanted the families to meet and have a good time together before the wedding events. After pondering over what type of party to have we decided on a "Luau themed" BBQ. Just a little gathering of our families and friends. I'm very excited. I LOVE to plan parties so here are the details.

The date is 06.07.09 as I said it is a luau themed BBQ at a Sesqui Park. I pray that it doesn't rain and that it's not to hot. In SC it's get very hot and humid during the summer. I wanted to pick a place that was indoor/and outdoor but my FI wanted to pick a place and stick with it. I did DYI invites that I actually think came out pretty cute. We are officially announcing the wedding party at the party. I am giving out my DYI "Will you be my...(bridesmaid, groomsmen, etc" cards/gifts at the party. We hired a photography to take pics. This is my first time using this photographer personally she is not the photographer that we hired for the wedding. I couldn't afford the wedding photographer to do the but she is amazing. The photographer that we hired has worked with some of my brides. Her name is Anita and her company is A and B Photography. I meet with her last Tuesday and she was very nice and informative. So I feel comfortable and confident with her. I personally like the photojournalistic approach so we will see. If she does well I will also hire her do my engagement session and showers, etc I will definitely post pics.

Here are some pics of the picnic shelter at the park for the Luau.

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