Sunday, October 03, 2010

7 days

Well today marks 7 DAYS!!! Where does the time go. All is well thus far. I had my final dress fitting on FRI and my dress is getting a few loose ends tied. My mom dress is completed. We are rolling right along. My FI B-Day is TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!!! He is having a birthday/bachelor party tonite with his friends. Lastnight we had a Henna party and it was awesome. I have to upload the pics tomorrow. SO far so good. Tomorrow we are having a program party to complete the programs. I meet with the planner to get all the wedding stuff tomorrow as well and we will be on our way to the altar! Hope all is well with you all.
Things to do:
I need to type and complete my vows.
Decide on accesories
Clean house
Pack for Honeymoon
Tie up loose ends with florist


  1. This is the bride’s chance to really go wild and dance all her wedding stress away before the big day.

    maid of honor

  2. so exciting!!! the days are going to fly! enjoy this time ... it's the best!

  3. This time next week you will be a Mrs! So so exciting :-)