Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Recap #1

Ok so I wanted to start out with the rehearsal and rehearsal beers and burgers theme dinner but I haven't recieved the pics back from the photog yet. So here are some pics that my planner had on her blog that she took during the set-up for the wedding.

The infamous aisle runner. Thanks to my MANof Honor and his mom!

The daunting seating chart! Thanks to Kelly at Kinko's

Flip flops on the dance floor

Cupcakes not exactly how I wanted it but it came out pretty darn cut. The white cake had peacock feathers designed in the cake. Peacock love birds purchased from Hobby Lobby.


Ok so here is where things got a little ugly. You all know the story about the florist well I found and hired a new florist who was new to the industry but seemed to be professional during our encounters. Well I started little things about her but I just let it go well. The weds before the wedding I went to her house to check out the progress on the centerpieces all seemed well. I took pics and everything. She advised that she had a death in the family and was leaving in Sat morning and would do the set-up friday. When I arrived to the venue for rehearsal my planner advised that she had dropped off everything and left saying she had a funeral to attend. So this caused a bit of a confusion and unpleasant feelings. So Friday after rehearsal dinner my friends and family went back to the venue to finish up the set-up. Long story short we saved the day and everything was beautiful but that was my pre-wedding drama. Moral of the story----ALWAYS HIRE PROFESSIONALS !!!! I knew that because I work in the industry but I was trying to give a newbie a chance to establish business. So the centerpiece here is something we had to make up quick for the cocktail hour display. It was supposed to be a huge 6 ft + tree but no one knew that but me. In the background you can see the AWESOME photowall my dad made before we put the pics on it!!


  1. lookin good so far. And there is always SOMETHING that doesn't go according to plan. It's how you deal with it that matters!

  2. ugh, it is always the florist i tell ya! but everything does look great! can't wait to see more!