Saturday, October 30, 2010

RECAP: Ceremony

I am in the middle of a very tough week with school. But I had to blog b/c its a stress reliever and we are quickly approaching out 1 month anniversary and I haven't really blogged about the wedding. I just post pics when I can. So these are a few pics from the ceremony. Here is the thing. I wanted it to have ambience but in reality it was DARK but I liked it. I was shocked how good the photog pics came out considering how dark it was. ENJOY!!!

Here is a shot of the ceremony before guest arrived! I LOVE this shot!!!
Some guests seated. People were late and my DOC made them stand at the back!!!!!
Me and my pops this is my walk from Ms to MRS!! As I was walking I was listening to the song and I remember telling my Dad we are walking too fast. LOL!! I just wanted to savor that moment. I was so EXCITED. I remember waiting in the boardroom with my father before the ceremony. I was starting to get antsy and he was like calm down they are coming in a minute. I was thinking that the ceremony was starting late.
I LOVE this shot. This is DH expression as I was walking down the aisle.
Fisheye lens view

Exchanging of rings
Hopppin' the broom



  1. You did a great job with ambiance! It looks great.

  2. everything looks amazing! i love the ambiance ... looks so romantic!