Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank You

I had to take a break from wedding recaps. I will post a few more pics of some of the details and some creative shots. I haven't even started organizing the honeymoon posts yet. School has me so busy it's the end of the semester and everything is due. I am waiting for our wedding video I can't wait to see it. For our thank-you's I decided that we would send out a mini movie slideshow with the wedding video highlights. Just a 10-15 minute DVD of the wedding highlights. So I called on my trusted graphic designer extraordinaire blogger friend Jonezy from as you know she designed all of out paper products and as long as she is willing I will continue to use her FOREVER! She is awesome to work with in every way. So I told her my vision and sent a few pics and bam this is what I received from her.
I love THESE!

We have to sizes 1 for a DVD cases and 1 for CD cases. The guest get the CD cases I found a get deal on clear cases last year like 100 for $5 so I just held on to them and I plan to finish them out as soon as we get our wedding preview next week. I am so excited. Gotta go to class. Have a great weekend!

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