Sunday, November 07, 2010

Wedding albums

We opted to not to get the wedding album from the PRO-photog because it was $500 and that was expense that was TOO much for my pocketbook. So I started organizing all our pics PRO and from family and friends, now I see why albums are so EXPENSIVE they are VERY time consuming. I haven't decided if I want to use MYPUBLISHER again or MPIX. MyPulisher was a good special running that ends today. Buy1 get1 but Mpix was better quality albums from what I have read online. I want to give the parents albums for Xmas presents. But I need something to show family for the holidays. I just didn't want to use a regular photo album but I may have to. I am pretty sure that we will order a MPIX album for us and give the parents the mypublisher albums. We are also having another photosession with the photog like a post-wedding session/ trash the dress/suit session. I wanted some artistic shots and wanted to include them in the album but we taking them at the end of the month. SO that would mean I would have to wait on them before I can finish the parents albums. We are currently working on the THANK-YOUs I am trying to get the design completed so that we can get them out by the holidays.

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  1. I'm using Shutterfly! Good prices and quality. Yes...time consuming!